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Bite Mi, July 2 2020

Bite Mi’s Newest Addition: Pastrami Banh Mi

They are firing up the wok at Bite Mi where a new and interesting take on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich comes to life.  

Introducing the Pastrami Banh Mi, the newest item to be featured in Bite Mi’s premium line of banh mi sandwiches.

This banh mi features fire-woked premium cuts of beef pastrami served with delicatessen style horseradish mustard on a freshly baked baguette. Topped with picked veggies, cucumbers, jalapeños and cilantro, this dish is the perfect marriage between America’s most beloved sandwich and a Vietnamese classic.

Known for serving up modern takes on traditional dishes, Bite Mi continues to push the boundaries by offering an array of delectable eats made with the freshest ingredients while still staying true to its rich culinary roots.

The Pastrami Banh Mi is available at all Bite Mi locations NOW! 

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